Ep. 13 Why Invest in Purpose Built Student Accommodations?

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Interested in learning about private market investing concepts and opportunities available to you?

This week's episode features our co-founder and host, Bob Simpson, who gives you, the investor, a chance to hear from industry experts about why you should consider investing in purpose built student accomodations.

Today's Expert Guest

Aly Damji
Managing Partner
Forum Asset Management

Today's Questions of Interest
Aly, tell us about you and what brought you to Forum?
Please talk about your firm, Forum Asset Management.
What are the trends that you're seeing in student accommodation in Canada today?
Tell us why you're excited about this new asset class?
Why is student housing an attractive investment option for potential investors?
How does student housing compare to other asset classes out there?
If you look at your portfolio, how does your financing line up?
How does your portfolio compare in the private and public REIT space?
Could talk about the QUAD at York University, an RFP you won back in 2010?
How does your firm look at ESG and social responsibility when looking to run a build?
Talk about how this fund, Purpose Built Student Accommodations align with investor intrigue?

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