Our Mission

We believe that an educated investor is a great investor and that investors who fail to take the time to understand the core concepts in which they invest carry too much stress and fear of the unknown.

Don’t get us wrong. We believe that investors should work with professional advisors but that investors need to know, like and trust their advisors. Advisors need to know you and your family. They need to know where you are today, your family goals and when and how you would like to accomplish them and help you structure a plan for you to achieve your goals. They need to know your priorities and preferences so they can work with you on your terms, and they need to be competent in their profession and have a deep understanding of products and services.

Finances and investments are complex. It is almost impossible for investors or financial advisors to know all the ins and outs of every investment, but it is reasonable to believe that we can understand the core concepts of investing and concepts that we choose to include in strategies. That is, we can be good generalists and have a network of specialists as part of our team.

We believe that to be good generalists, we should learn from and have deep professional relationships with our network of specialists and should have access to keep up to date on what they are doing and thinking. As an investor, you shouldn’t get all our information third, fourth or fifth hand because information changes when passed through too many hands. Our specialists should teach both advisors and investors the concepts and be our and your guides when making investment decisions.

Private Debt and Equity investing is a relatively new concept. Large pension funds have shifted significant portions of their portfolios from public investments, like publicly traded stocks, like Royal Bank and Apple, to private investments. They have moved from owning bonds issued by governments and large publicly traded corporations to lending to private companies, with loans securitized by assets, such as real estate, equipment, or receivables.

Unfortunately, most private investors don’t have access to private investing because many of the large bank-owned firms restrict access. Why would a bank offer a private mortgage fund to investors yielding more than GICs, when they can secure your money at low rates, lend it to the same borrowers as the private lenders and make billions of dollars in profits? We believe that investors should strive to “Be the Bank”.

Traditional advisors have historically directed investors to maintain liquidity, shifting stocks, mutual funds, and bonds in portfolios to try to generate returns when studies show that longer-term investments, like real estate or even great publicly traded companies held for extended periods, have performed better.

Our mission is to help you understand private investing concepts, so you can invest wisely and confidently by giving you access to learn from the experts. That is, our mission is to educate you to become a confident, worry-free investor and through this process, we hope you will get to know, like and trust us.