Bloomberg News - Ontario to Require Universities and Colleges to Guarantee Foreign Student Housing

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Ontario, home to half the country’s foreign students, will require to provide guaranteed housing available to colleges and universities for incoming students.

  • The move followed a cap on international students visas imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government, which was aimed at the surge of issues over temporary migrants that pushed up rents and housing prices.
  • New provincial measures also include a review of programs offered by institutions that have a “sizeable amount” of foreign students to ensure that they meet labour market demands, according to a statement on Friday from Ontario’s Ministry of Colleges and Universities.
    • Colleges and universities' minister, Jill Dunlop, says, “The challenges stemming from the recent spike in students coming to Canada, including predatory practices by bad-actor recruiters, misinformation regarding citizenship and permanent residency, false promises of guaranteed employment, and inadequate housing for students, require immediate attention and collaborative action."
  • The province will also ban new partnerships between public and private colleges, which were seen as a key factor behind the threefold increase in foreign students over the past decade.
  • Many of these students use education to gain post-graduate work permits and eventual permanent residency.
  • Federal Immigration Minister Marc Miller has demanded that provinces take stronger action to curtail exploitation of foreign students.
  • Provinces are primarily responsible for funding post-secondary schools and classifying them as designated learning institutions.
  • International students, who pay an average of five times as much as Canadian tuition, have been relied on by universities and colleges to supplement government funding.

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Thanthong-Knight, Randy. (January 26, 2024) Ontario to Compel Colleges to Guarantee Foreign Student Housing. Bloomberg News.

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