Ep. 14 Why Invest in Self Storage?

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Interested in learning about private market investing concepts and opportunities available to you?

This week's episode features our co-founder and host, Bob Simpson, who gives you, the investor, a chance to hear from industry experts about why you should consider investing in self storage.

Today's Expert Guest

Gabriel Millard
Managing Partner
Avenue Living

Today's Questions of Interest
1:14 What brought you to this investment concept and you current position at Avenue Living?
2:38 Where did Avenue Living get its name?
5:13 Could you tell us about the Self Storage concept?
8:46 What makes self storage a better investment because of the use of technology?
13:52 What percentage would you say are owned by individuals versus firms like yours when it comes to self storage?
16:35 Are you a buy and hold strategy or do you put packages together then sell lumps to some institutions at premium prices? 19:12 What do you people keep in self storage?
22:41 What's what's happening in the marketplace in the prairies?
27:29 What's important about being an active manager versus a passive manager?
31:42 Can you explain what investors should expect in terms of returns, risk and liquidity?
33:24 How has the self storage area been affected by interest rates?
36:23 What's your level of leverage in this particular investment?
37:02 How do you handle the debt? Are you more fixed term or are you more floater on this?

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