Ep. 5 Why Invest in Short Term Senior Secured Private Debt?

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Interested in learning about private market investing concepts and opportunities available to you?

This week's episode features our co-founder and host, Bob Simpson, who gives you, the investor, a chance to hear from industry experts about why you should consider investing in short term senior secured private debt.

Today's Expert Guest

Sean Rogister
Chief Executive Officer
Cortland Credit

Today's Questions of Interest

Can you share your remarkable journey from your early days to becoming one of Canada's premier private lenders?
What is Short Term Senior Secured Private Debt?
8:04 Is a first mortgage a senior loan?
And if you're doing receivables would that be 30 to 45 days?
Do you use credit insurance to protect a layer of the portfolio?
10:40 What is the process when deciding on a loan opportunity for a corporation?
If you're going to put money out how do you measure the risk for your capital?
How have your portfolios done in comparison to the bond market?
What kind of spreads are you lending over the prime rate?
Why are borrowers turning towards private lenders versus traditional banks?
How would you recommend using a short term senior secured private debt?
25:18 Could you give our listeners more details about the Short Term Senior Secured Private Debt concept?

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