Ep. 7 Why Invest in Institutional Grade Real Estate Private Debt?

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Interested in learning about private market investing concepts and opportunities available to you?

This week's episode features our co-founder and host, Bob Simpson, who gives you, the investor, a chance to hear from industry experts about why you should consider investing in institutional grade real estate private debt.

Today's Expert Guest

Adam Dean
Vice President and Portfolio Manager
CMLS Asset Management

Today's Questions of Intere
3:21 - What's your story? Does everybody you meet mistake you for Roberto Luongo?
5:07 - What is Institutional Grade Real Estate Private Debt?
6:40 - What are you seeing in the commercial versus residential real estate, especially something like multifamily?
10:00 - If apartment building value is based on revenue of the building, it sounds like the major stress in interest rate cost would be present for people who hadn't locked in their financing for term?
11:18 - Would you say we're in a buyer's market with prices that have come down a bit?
13:00 - Are most of the loans in your portfolio, are they fixed or they're floaters?
13:48 - So it takes a little while for investors in a fund like yours to see the increase in rates?
14:16 - Where you are today if you looked at the overall yield of your portfolio?
15:54 - What is weather proof deployment?
18:39 - What is the story of of lending money to a borrower who is investing in multifamily?
21:20 - What percentage would you loan against?
23:03 - Investors want to see that you are primarily focused on protection of their capital because you're getting single digit returns, right?
23:38 - So for an investor, what's a reasonable return objective for an investor in, in your fund?
24:48 - How over the last couple of years, would you say that your fund performed?
26:19 - If you looked over the last three to five years, how many negative months have you had?
27:13 - Looking at your particular market, what are you worried and excited about?

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