Ep. 8 Why Invest in Funds to Music Royalties?

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Are you interested in learning more about private market investing concepts and the opportunities available to you as an investor?

Hosted by Bob Simpson, today we shift the focus to answering the question Why Invest in Music Royalties?.

Learn the answer to this question and more from:

David Vankka


ICM Asset Management Inc.

Today's questions of interest:

1:46 Share your background and how you decided as a firm to get into the music industry?

3:26 Tell us about music royalties and how you generate revenue through music?

5:49 Do you need to buy music directly from the artist?

7:26 Can you explain songwriting credits and what goes into these catalogues?

8:06 Some music rights can be tricky, could you explain the artist's incentive to monetize their catalogue?

12:45 So you tend to go more direct to the artists or are their sources you use to when navigating the investment exchange?

14:52 What does your portfolio look like and here, when you're purchasing the rights to music, how do you value them? What do you pay?

19:37 As we look into the future, what, what do you see as the future of streaming and how will music, intellectual property, cash flows evolve over time?

24:55 Investors need to understand how do they use a product like music royalties in their portfolios. Is it an equity? Is it fixed income investment? Where do you, where do you slot that in?

27:53 Could you walk us through potential returns, risks and price volatility?

30:19 How many songs in your portfolio? How many pieces of music?

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