Ep. 9 Why Invest in Mortgage Investment Corporations?

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Interested in learning about private market investing concepts and opportunities available to you?

This week's episode features our co-founder and host, Bob Simpson, who gives you, the investor, a chance to hear from industry experts about why you should consider investing in mortgage investment corporations.

Today's Expert Guest

Will Granleese
Director and Portfolio Manager
Antrim Investments

Today's Questions of Intere

Share your background and how you decided as a firm to get into the music industry?
Where were you back 50 years ago and what has led you to join in on Mortgage Investment Corporation work?
Who borrows from private lenders? If they need a mortgage, why don't they just go to the bank?
What does a typical mortgage in your portfolio look like?
With 2000 plus mortgage's, tell us where are you now and what's your latest number?
Tell us how you differ from a bank when you work with borrower's who are going through a rough patch.
Can you talk about secured lending as opposed to unsecured lending?
We're reading reports that banks are having major write offs, could you touch on that?
19:45 How do you differ from private lenders who offer minimum holding periods and have early redemption penalties.
How long is your typical mortgage and could you explain the mortgage market?
Have you had over the last 30 years, how many negative months?
What is you fund's current return rate?

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