Outlook 2024 - Bonus Podcast Episode

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Outlook 2024 is a collaborative effort between Wealth Stewards Inc. and its newest venture, us here a Private Debt and Equity, a platform dedicated to educating investors about opportunities in private markets.

This marks the fourth annual Outlook event with a curated lineup of topics including investment management trends, real estate markets, and the ever increasing world of artificial intelligence.

Our guests in this webinar are a panel of experts who make up our roundtable, providing provide valuable insights into the current state of the financial economy and landscape.

Our expert panelists with "boots on the ground" experience in the private market

Bill Chinery FSA, FCIA, ICD.D
Retired Chairman of Ontario Teachers Pension Plan’s Investment Committee
Topic - Recent Economic and Investment Trends

Sasha Cucuz
CEO Greybrook Securities Inc. & Partner of Greybrook Capital
Topic - Ontario Real Estate

Prathna Ramesh
Vice President of Operations FutureSight
Topic - Artificial Intelligence Trends in the Economy

Today's Questions of Interest
3:21 - How do you anticipate equity market changes over the next 12 months?
- Should we be watching the short or long terms rates?
7:27 - Do you see a recession?
- Does the Fed watch the equity markets?
- Do you see a reversion back to the real low rates that we saw during COVID?
11:02 - Looking inside the market, where should we be focusing our attention?
- Should we be looking at healthcare as an opportunity, with an aging baby boomer economy?
- With North America's large millennial group, will we see more manufacturing happening here?
14:29 - Should we diversify nationally or internationally?
16:59 - What is your view on the state of Canadian Real Estate?
- Could you address your thoughts on immigration, especially during recent changes in real estate?
19:36 - If you compare Canadian immigration rates to U. S. immigration rates, how do they compare?
- So although it's concentrated, what we're seeing especially in the GTA is that boundaries are expanding?
- With constant changing, what is has been happening with permits and approvals? Where do they stand?
- With Ontario having the best farmland in the world, what do you think about the expansion of agriculture?
- Could you talk about single family communities and condo market opportunities available to investors?
- How has rate shifts affected the market, developers’ perspectives and plans of action for private equity firms in real estate?
- Can you please give us some insights into your view of the current landscape of AI technologies?
- Are we going to see the large, multi-national companies become major players in this area of AI?
39:29 - Could you touch upon the negative and positive aspects of technological advancements in AI?
- For sites like ChatGPT, could you explain the advantages of using these tools?
- Could you give your insights when it comes to AI and real estate?
- Can you comment on any trends in institutional towards private debt and equity versus public market investment?
49:48 - With housing valuation metrics, is it sustainable, with evergreen's collapse and the highlights of highly concentration of real estate in individual holdings?
54:40 - As AI evolves, how can financial professionals and investors stay informed on the changing landscape?
- The private investor, the individual investor hasn't really kept up with the shift to private markets. What's your view on that?
59:44 - What is your viewpoint on the buzz around AI and the teacher’s position on this?

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