Outlook 2024

January is a month of reflection and planning, and we think the best time to assemble a panel of experts for a virtual, interactive session to discuss the year ahead.

January 31, 2024 - 7PM EST

Virtual Webinar

Event Summary

  • Fourth annual Outlook event
  • Interactive virtual roundtable conversation
  • Expert panelists discussion
  • Q&A session

Detailed itinerary to follow registration

Event Information and Registration

Outlook 2024

In January 31, 2024, we will be assembling panelists for a virtual, interactive roundtable discussion about the year ahead.

This will be our fourth annual Outlook and plans are being made and panelists selected to present their views in a variety of topics, such as the outlook for interest rates, equity markets, private lending, real estate, etc.

As we gaze into the future of financial markets, the word uncertainty may best describe the future as financial markets recover from the Pandemic and Central Banks take action to stabilize the economy and fight inflation. There’s no better time to bring a panel together to help us set our paths for the year ahead.

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