Ep. 10 Why Invest in Canadian Multi-Family?

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Welcome to the My Private Network Podcast!

Are you interested in learning more about private market investing concepts and the opportunities available to you as an investor?

Hosted by Bob Simpson, today we shift the focus to answering the question Why Invest in Canadian Multi-Family?

Learn the answer to this question and more from:

Geoff Lang

Senior Vice President

Equiton Inc.

Today's questions of interest:

2:47 Tell us about your story and the work your firm does with investors.

4:15 Could you explain Canadian Multi-Family in terms of your buy and hold strategy?

5:28 What kind of financing do you have in place in your portfolio?

6:18 Compared to a limited partnership, do you have lower leverage compared to a buy and flip model?

7:23 What's your forecast on future interest rates?

9:44 Could you touch upon value add as it relates to multi-family?

11:52 Where do you get the best deal when it comes to value add's?

13:56 Can you explain how the Canadian Multi-Family model helps those who are interested in getting into this investment space?

16:40 How does this investment fit into a typical investor portfolio?

19:23 Can you explain how this model works for the millennial demographic that is finding it hard to find housing?

21:13 When looking at public versus private, could you explain the difference in this space when it comes to Canadian Multi-Family?

25:03 Are we currently in a buyer's market? Is this a place that you are, you're currently investing and are you seeing bargains out there?

28:07 Final thoughts.

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