Colliers Q2 2023 - GTA Multi-Family Market Report

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Colliers GTA Multi-Family Market Report

The multi-family market in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) experienced positive developments in Q2 2023 with increased transaction volume and strong rental market growth. Although the market holds a promising long-term outlook, prices remain lower compared to this time last year.

  • Transaction volume increased by 10% compared to this time last year, reaching a peak of 22 transactions, indicating a slight resurgence in the market.
  • The average price per suite in the GTA during Q2 2023 was $325,589, closely aligning with the average price reported at the end of 2021, but representing a 9.6% decrease compared to the price per unit last year.
  • The Government of Ontario announced a 2.5% annual rent increase guideline for 2024 mirroring the rent increase guideline established for the current year.
  • Financing costs have seen a significant shift, with the Canada Mortgage Bond 5-year rate increasing from 2% in January 2022 to 4.18% currently, impacting cap rates significantly.
  • Private buyers have emerged as the dominant force in the multifamily market, while institutional purchasers have become more selective in their investment choices.

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Lindsay, Kyle. Itamunoala, Dayma. Bruchkowsky, Matthew. Prachter, Zoe. (2023, July 11). GTA Multifamily Market Report Q2 2023. Colliers.

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