Global News - Over 1,300 Students at the University of Guelph are Struggling to Find Housing

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With limited availability for student housing, some first-year students attending the University of Guelph may have trouble finding a place to stay during the semester.

  • Over 7,000 high school students across Ontario accepted offers of admission to U of G.
  • However, they say housing for new and returning students are not guaranteed for the upcoming school year.
  • In a news release, U of G will accommodate 85 per cent of all students who applied for residence and of those accommodated, 95 per cent are Ontario students.
  • Higher-than-expected acceptances mean some students won't get housing.
  • “When prospective students were touring the university… a lot of them were told that they were confident that (there would be residence spots) for first-years,” said Nate Broughton, a second-year computer science student.
    • Broughton is also a member of the Central Student Association board at the U of G. He said there are over 1,350 students currently on the waiting list due to over-enrolment.
  • In the same news release, the university said it added housing inventory to its residences within the campus. They also extended their lease on the former Days Inn hotel on Gordon Street in order to add more capacity.
    • “We understand the uncertainty that comes with not receiving a residence confirmation,” Melinda Scott, vice-provost of student affairs, said in a statement.
    • “The U of G is committed to supporting students with information about off-campus housing and a suite of other services to help make their transition to university and their first year successful.”
  • Last October, city council approved the construction of a new student residence that will be built across the street from the university at the south-east corner of Stone Road and Gordon Street.
    • The proposed development would add another 500 units to the student housing supply. Though work is underway, there is no word on when the new 11-storey building would be completed.
  • Broughton is hoping the news of students looking for housing will send a message to university officials on how dire the situation is. He said he is working on getting student leaders together to organize an advocacy campaign on the matter.
    • “If the university wants to keep admitting so many students, I think it’s really important that more residences need to be built,” he said. “Or the university needs to be completely upfront about the capacity they have and what the estimated wait-list will be.”

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Hashizume, Ken. (June 12, 2024) More than 1,300 students at University of Guelph can’t find a place to live. Global News.

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